August 1, 2017

Mark Surdut

Natural chemical intolerance.

Headaches, tummy troubles, skin irritation, fatigue, behavioural issues in kids..?

These symptoms may suggest sensitivity to a group of naturally occurring chemicals.

The RPA hospital has been investigating these buggers for many years and I have found wonderful results in modifying diet accordingly.

Want a ‘taste’? Examples incl seaweed, citrus, berries, sundried tomatoes, yeast spreads..AND UNFORTUNATELY MANY MORE FLAVOURFUL FOODS. In fact you may be able to apply a test yourself by simple limiting anything intensely flavoured in your diet and see if find any improvement in symptoms – it may be that you require the low chemical diet.

Did you know that organic produce free of artificial pesticides may contain even higher amounts of natural chemicals . Yep! Organic fruit produce more of these natural chemicals themselves. Organic produce is not the answer for everyone!

Have you tried reducing Fructose (or other components of FODMAP) and found some benefit but still struggling? It may well be that your symptoms have improved as a result of limiting natural chemicals which happen to also be found in the high FODMAP foods. You need your diet screened for natural chemicals.

Those sensitive to these naturally occurring chemicals may very well be sensitive to other food chemicals – check my Facebook page for a list of artificial food additives that frequently cause irritation. Also be mindful of your exposure to strong perfumes and other chemicals around the home and office. I recall a patient of ours once having to have a frank discussion with a close working office colleague frequently coating herself in a variety of perfumes!


The diet can be somewhat restrictive and requires guidance from an experienced dietitian to prevent any nutrient deficiency, especially if applied long term. An over the counter well tolerated multivit may be suggested. Only a few are known to be tolerated in sensitive individuals. Ask us.


** NOTE. WE WOULD PREFER YOU FIRST VISIT YOUR GP. If you have explored your symptoms with your doctor and found no other treatable cause then see us to have your diet reviewed and for expert diet advice**
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