May 9, 2017

Mark Surdut

Got Diabetes? Let’s get you started.. A key to a sound Diabetes management plan is learning about how much carbohydrate is found in foods commonly included in your diet. Getting familiar with a simple Diabetes Carbohydrate Exchange List is the starting point. It’s an old fashioned technique also known as “Counting” that has sadly been replaced by many professionals with simple “healthy eating advice”. Healthy eating (meaning keeping the food real, less processed) is of course also a key, but not the only key. Understanding some simple Carb Counting techniques is critical to getting you started on your journey to self-managing your BGLs (Blood Glucose Levels). Carbohydrates are the foods that have the biggest impact on your blood sugar levels but that message has sadly been misinterpreted by so many with the message to cut carbohydrates out – particularly in the prevention or management of Type2 Diabetes (The form of diabetes usually not requiring Insulin injection in its early stages) . For people taking mealtime insulin, it’s crucial to know the amount of carbohydrates in your food, so you get the proper insulin dose. Again a dietitian experienced in diabetes management can assist in your journey.

Combine an appreciation and better understanding of carbohydrates with a good balance of adequate and well-timed protein as well as adequate vegetable matter (the secret to a youthful appearance and longevity, together with some healthy genes!). If you are only getting started with a “Diabetic Diet” – as the doctor often calls it – then before you focus on anything else, look at what you DRINK – carbohydrate rich beverages often masked as ‘Natural’, ‘Anti-oxidant rich’, ‘No Additives’, ‘Electrolyte replenishing’ cause plenty trouble for many folk that have Diabetes and should be kept aside to manage low blood glucose attacks only. Book in an appt for more info

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