August 23, 2015

Mark Surdut

Here are some handy tips to get you started:

NO cow’s milk (unless ‘lactose-free’), rather try eg. rice milk.

Avoid deep fried foods.

Avoid very sweet drinks – These can worsen diarrhoea. Sipping on fluids regularly is essential – water, diluted sports drinks eg. Gatorade, rehydration solutions and more.

A little buttermilk or yoghurt may be tolerated. Cheese may be a good choice for some and dreadful for others.

Smooth peanut butter (used sparing) is ok (UNLESS ALLERGIC or previously not tried in a child) eg. On rice cakes or white toast.

Boiled Potatoes (no skin) are a good choice for many with diarrhoea.

Ripe Bananas can also help.

Try incorporate some soft protein foods at most meals.


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