August 19, 2015

Mark Surdut

Some Free and Fast (to read) Heart Protective Tips:

Eat Omega 3 fats – including salmon, trout and walnuts.

Use Monounsaturated fats (MUFA) – found in avocado (vs. Sterol containing margarine spreads), virgin olive oils and small doses of tree nuts (including walnuts, cashews and almonds).

Restrict Trans Fats (TFA) – look out for the ingredient partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. Unlike MUFAs, these fats have a negative impact on lipid profile.

Include Soy protein eg. Tofu. I am not preaching vegetarian diets to you meat eaters (The Okinawans are not vegetarians, but I believe they eat only about 30g of meat a day!). Tofu is an easy to prepare and high quality protein alternative to meats, rich in Calcium and Iron too.

Include adequate Fibre – soluble and insoluble fibres are found throughout the plan kingdom. A simple focus on more vegetables in the diet will help in boosting the fibre load.

Include Flavonoids – This group of phytonutrient antioxidants has been shown to be a powerful tool against heart disease. Sources include real cocoa powder, onion, broccoli, celery, greens, apples, grapefruit (check with me first, it may interact with your meds!) and more.

Potassium found in all fruits and veggies (high amounts in potatoes and tomatoes, among others) assists in reducing  blood pressure and stroke risk. Check with your doctor and dietitian – if you have impaired renal function – before adding lots of potassium rich foods.
Magnesium is also a protective mineral –found in whole grains (-germ & bran component), green veg, Legumes, and nuts/seeds.

I have a list of 20 (twenty) nutritional strategies to manage blood lipids and presure that I often share with my cardiac patients  – please book in for a professional online consultation.

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